Cowl Catch-Up

May 27

I have two new finished objects to share! Like many knitters, I can appreciate a good scarf, but I really adore cowls. Long or short, they seem to sit just right and I feel like you can wear them more (indoors as well as out).

Infinite Blurple Cowl Planning

I finally finished my “Infinite Blurple Cowl” that I started back in January.  The yarn is all Madelinetosh: TML in Pelican for the background and Unicorn Tails in Mandala, Ink, Cousteau, Fathom, Flashdance. If you’re looking to have an auto-pilot knitting project for tv, travel, or just zoning out, this is great. Almost makes me wish for cool, crisp fall days. (I know. We have just gotten a taste of summer here and I’m thinking about fall. I’m also planning a wool sweater and hat. It’s what I do.) I have a quick shot of me wearing it on my Ravelry page, but we all know Jackson is a better model for such things.
Jackson models the cowl

Can you believe this puppy is 11 today? Grumpy old man, good buddy, barky, lap-loving licker, and a mostly patient model (bribes help).

The second cowl I knit recently was a test knit for a Mystery-Knit-A-Long for the now published Latimer Cowl.

Mountain Colors Perspectives Kit

I used the Plum/Brass colorway of the Mountain Colors Perspectives River Wash Sport kit. These colors are striking together, especially so in natural lighting. There are different sections of lace patterns, and I can see now how they flow into each other – any mistakes in my cowl are due to my own inability to count properly. I should have used stitch markers to mark each repeat, but I figured “No, I got this”.  And I did, mostly. There are a few parts where you can see something is off, but that is purely user error. My daughter has claimed the cowl for herself, which was a  nice, unexpected surprise.

Unblocked Latimer Cowl

Looking forward to the long weekend – there are many crafty plans afoot!


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FOs from a while ago

May 13

How about another round of blog-catch-up? I have a few finished items that I can share in a “Finished Object Friday” post!

Sideswipe Socks  Sideswipe Socks

These socks fill a requirement for the Sophmore semester of Loopy Academy – knitting socks in a new-to-you way. I have knit socks toe-up & top-down, on double pointed needles, magic loop and two circulars. These are knit flat! The pattern is Sideswipe, the yarn is Fibernymph Dye Works Self-Striping in Polly Wanna Cracker? It was very fun to make them and they felt like a quick knit. I am happy with them, but they are slightly tight in getting them on over my heel. Sadly though they are still sitting on my desk on the sock blockers and I haven’t worn them yet.

Neon Pink Tube Socks Neon Pink Tube socks take 2

The second pair of socks were knit for my daughter. She was still wearing socks I knit her back in 2013. She has grown and you could see the socks didn’t fit proper anymore. I had a skein of Madelinetosh Tosh DK that was supposed to be a pair of flittens for her, but I hadn’t gotten too far on those, so I re-purposed it for tube socks. The pattern is Around and Around, they are fabulous. DK weight yarn and size 4 needles made these a really great project, even doing them one at a time. The cuff is slightly tight, so pulling on over her heel is tough but workable. I really need to work on a stretchier cast-on, and maybe add a repeat – I don’t think she would need the next full size up in the pattern as it is ribbed. I will make these again for sure.

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May 11

So I’ve been reading and knitting and crocheting and not posting about it! I have two works in progress to share this week and one book.

Nutmegknitter's Nalu Mitt, Mean Girl Shawl & The Interestings

I started on the first Nalu Mitt back in April, and I cannot recall what other project distracted me from them. They are relatively quick and intuitive once you get going. I’m using Dale Garn Heilo for the first time and so far so good.  100% Norwegian wool, very warm. I ordered the yarn from, as no local shops here have it, and I would totally shop with them again! Shipping was quick and I even received an email after my purchase from the owner that the yarn was in stock and would be sent out quickly. I plan to cast off this one and then get started right away on the mate.

Mean Girls Shawl in Progress

By way of Instagram, I was completely taken by Shannon Squire’s Mean Girls pattern, and immediately thought of the neon pink Manos del Uruguay Fino that is in my stash. I know, not my usual choice of color, but I’m really loving grey + every color (especially neon). No surprise, I cast on and I’m really loving it. Hopefully I will stick with it and be able to have it count for a KAL with the yarnathon (Go Whaliens!)

As you can see, the book I’m currently reading is The Interestings. I’m sad to say it is becoming anything but interesting. I was taken in to the story in the beginning, but 225 pages in and I am starting to skim the pages. That’s not a good sign. Sorry Meg, I don’t know if I have it in me to finish the second half.

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A Fraction of Danger

Mar 30


Ways to Disappear & shawl in progress

This week I started on “Ways to Disappear” and it is moving much faster than I anticipated. The story is light yet intriguing and I am curious to see where it will go. My knitting is a bit blobby, but I am at the middle section of the Fractal Danger pattern. I finally had a light bulb moment when I thought to put stitch markers on each side to give me a visual clue: when my row starts with a pink marker I purl, when it starts with a green marker I go & increase. I’m not sure why that took me so long to discover for myself, but now I’m off and knitting much faster on it. The yarn is Reinvent, from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. This is a yarn that has a really interesting composition and deserves a post of its own, so when this shawl is finished and blocked I’ll share more about it. Jackson is in the picture too, because he’s cute and I was trying to get a good picture of him with the yarn. They are holding an open call for pet photos for their Meow and Woof yarn collections!  Modeled shots didn’t work too well this time – this was the best one.

WIP, yarn along and a dachshund

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A New Perspective on Socks & Sugar

Mar 23

Sideswipe socks WIP and Yarn Along A Year of No Sugar

My knitting this week is a bit tricky to photograph. It is a pair of socks, worked two-at-a-time, to fulfill the 2nd semester assignment of Loopy Academy. The assignment is to make a pair of socks:

A pair of socks, toe-up or cuff-down, whichever you are least familiar with. If you are equally familiar with both methods, choose which you’d prefer to do.

I feel confident in making them both ways, so I went with the Sideswipe socks, and they have been highly enjoyable to knit. They are making me think a bit, as they feel a bit frankenstiney – you start at the toe, turn the heel, work the gusset, then the leg and cuff – all flat! I have a few more rows on the cuff then I can start on the middle stripe section.

I am really enjoying The Year of No Sugar by Eve O. Schaub. As a person with a huge sweet tooth, a respect for real food, and a suspicion of high-fructose corn syrup, I thought this would be an interesting read. There are many similarities to my own life that the author discusses in her habits and lifestyle that totally catch my attention, and I can relate. These sort of real-life experiments are fascinating and it has given me a lot to think about in regards to my own eating habits. It’s Easter weekend almost, and I’m so looking forward to indulging in the chocolate treats and jelly beans, but I’m sure the lessons and ideas of this book will stick with me long after the sugar high wears off.

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FO Friday Selbu Modern

Mar 11

Last week, it was new socks, this week, I’ve got a new hat. Well, my daughter does. I knit the Selbu Modern for Sophmore Semester #2 of Loopy Academy. This meets the project requirements of using a variegated colorway and a solid colorway.

Top of the hatI think it looks really nice, though my lesson learned from this project is you need a really stretchy cast on. It’s a bit snug on my head (even after blocking on a plate), so my daughter can have it. The Solis colorway of Malabrigo Sock is one of my go-to favorites, with the perfect shades of blues and greens and a touch of teal here and there.

Flat hat

Inside ColorworkEven the inside of the hat is pretty!

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Cream Socks

Mar 04

Nutmegknitter's New SocksI have a new pair of socks! They were finished some time in February and have been sitting in a pile, waiting to be shared on the blog. I used Quince & Co yarn that I purchased at Nido, in Burlington, VT. This yarn was wonderful with which to work. It’s so soft and cozy. It is 100% wool, no nylon or anything, so I am a bit hesitant to wear them in heavy rotation, but might be a go to for evenings, curled up on the couch in pjs with a blanket. Spring may be just around the corner, or not. It is still getting pretty cold at night and this morning when I took the picture it was snowing!

If I were to make the Cream pattern again, I would pay a bit more attention to where the color switches on a new round to avoid that jog / jump.

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