Not Rhinebeck

Oct 19

My social media feeds are full of Rhinebeck prep. Everyone is getting excited for New York Sheep and Wool with good reason. It is a fabulous event! A Rhinebeck trip is not in the cards this year for a number of reasons. I’ll probably join in on #notrhinebeck this weekend!


I tried to remember what my first Rhinebeck yarn was. Then remembered, I blogged about my purchases!  Hope Spinnery yarn was given away, Jaime Harmon yarn was knit into a cowl, that Jennie the Potter mug was injured in an accident and glued together again that I’m now afraid to use. I should keep it out on my desk as a decoration, it’s so pretty! That cake of March Hare? It’s still caked and mostly all there. Part of the yarn was knit into a little dragon at the Vogue Knitting Live event I attended in January 2016. I went looking for the yarn, found the dragon, and he’s finished!

Finished Wee Dragon

Thank you to the finishing fairies! I do not remember finishing him up and the Ravelry page was not updated either. This Little Dragon is a Susan B. Anderson pattern, very cute and a little fiddly. Like most fiddly bits, it’s worth it. Using sock yarn resulted in a truly wee dragon – he’s slightly taller than the yarn cake! I would be curious to work him up using a worsted weight yarn. I do wish I had used polybeads or something to give him some weight on the bottom, he’s light and floppy!

I do like that I have most of the yarn cake to use. Perhaps a cast-on of something this weekend is in order.

Wee Dragon in a tree

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Sending a pineapple to Hawaii

Sep 29

It’s a super sweet, super quick post this week.

Maybe October will be better for blogging? Anyway, I made a pineapple!

Nutmegknitter's Crochet Pineapple

My good friend Jenny moved from outside Boston to the tropics of Hawaii! Jenny is one of those really great people in this world who seems effortlessly cool. She is adored by everyone and gets the job done. She has accomplished so much, is incredibly smart, and I could go on and on, but I won’t. I also won’t dig out the photo I have somewhere of her at my high school graduation party (that is how long we’ve been friends!) when she brought a pineapple!

Pineapples are a symbol of friendship and now that she is living in the land of them, this seemed to be the best thing to make to wish her well on her next adventure. The green leaves are made of Be Sweet Bamboo and the body in Be Sweet Bambino. BTW, Bambino is discontinued, but if you find some in a yarn sale or destash grab it! I really enjoyed working with it. The pattern, a Hookabee design, was easy to follow too!

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Pop! Candy Dots Flash Knit Along

Sep 07

Over the Labor Day weekend, my little family took a road trip to Vermont. I am ever the optimist and promptly over packed my knitting projects: three shawls in progress, a sweater for my daughter in progress, a scarf in progress, a fingerless mitten that needs a mate, and a cowl project. I only worked on one thing!

At the start of the road trip

The cowl project, Candy Dots, was a Flash KAL for the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon. The challenge was to knit the project August 28 – September 4. I started on August 28 and in the car ride and throughout the weekend I got into the groove of reading my knitting without having to reference the charts too frequently. Knitting on the porch, Vermont sunset

Same view, different project from last year! My yarns are Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Locura Fluo, Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Natural, and Shibui Staccato in Black.

Eating Candy Dots while wearing a Candy Dots Cowl

I’m really pleased with this cowl! Points to the Cocoa Cubs! During the knitting, I thought maybe my daughter would like it (and wear it) more than I would. The end result is light, soft, and warm. I may end up keeping it. One of our stops was at Yankee Candle Village and in one section of the shops, they had old fashioned candy. Of course, I had to pick up a pack of candy buttons. I haven’t had dot candy in ages. It tastes the same, sweet yet chalky, and that did not stop me from eating all of those dots while taking photos.


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Tiny stitches add up

Aug 23

Tiny stitches add up

The call for the purple hats for Click for Babies in Oklahoma kept popping up in my assorted social streams.

Click for Babies logo

I like to make a hat or two when the call goes out. Remember all those red hats in February? Click for Babies aims to help educate caregivers about normal infant crying. Babies cry and there is a danger of reacting to crying in frustration by shaking or harming an infant. After stash diving, I found two great options in Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria (sadly discontinued) and Be Sweet Bamboo.

Knit 1, Crochet 2, Giving all 3

Finished purple hats for Click for Babies

The two crochet caps are in the Cotton Stria: a basic half double crochet beanie and a granny square beanie. For the Bamboo hat, I decided to knit a spiral hat and try out a pair of 9″ circulars. Those wee circs are a bit of challenge to get used to, but as I settled into the rhythm of the stitches.

Cast on in Be Sweet Bamboo with 9

The project bag is a Sock n’ Book tote from Little Skein in the Big Woods and is a great size for hats. I was taken by the illustration of Lady Liberty knitting and the words, “Small actions, repeated with thought and intention, become more important than the number of their stitches.” A good reminder. The back side of the tote has rainbow stitches – the hat and 9″ circs in the photo above are on that back side.

Though the original call was for Oklahoma, I checked and found a Connecticut chapter. I will send my caps there. If you have some soft-to-the-touch purple yarn why not make a hat too? Cotton and bamboo are wonderful choices if you don’t want to go with acrylic. Double check with your chosen location for when they need the hats.

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Do a Good Turn

Aug 17

I was called to Jury Duty this week. My second reaction after the initial one of being summoned was one of absolute disappointment.

No Knitting Needles for Jury Duty

I wonder what happened, with which knitter, that made the court specifically make note of this in the pamphlet. And do I know this knitter? In a moment like this, I am really glad I have learned to crochet. I was able to bring in my crochet hooks and chibi of needles, no problem. I didn’t bother with scissors or a lot of extra notions.

Manos del Uruguay Serpentina tag

Initially, I wanted to make hats, but I’m finding I still need to reference the counts on even the simple baby patterns. I wanted a pattern that I could feel confident and comfortable working on, but could easily pick up and put down if needed. A new addition to my stash was a skein of Manos del Uruguay Serpentina, a deliciously squishy handspun hand painted Aran yarn.

One good turn cowl in Manos del Uruguay Serpentina

This is the Mother Teresa colorway and the One Good Turn pattern (it’s a freebie!). I started after our first break and had just woven in the ends when my name was called. Mine is a bit wider than the pattern due to a different gauge. I worked each row until I had maybe eighteen inches of yarn left, just enough for seaming the ends. Less than two hours of work for a scarf! The yarn is really fun with the pops of color, has a lovely hand, and is just so so soft.

Modeled shot

In the end, I was dismissed and I have a new cowl.

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Departing the text, departing the dock

Jul 28

I’m sure I’ve posted somewhere in my blog before that I like books and following directions. I am one of those people that runs to the library for answers first, not the lab. What can I say, I like to be prepared!

Departing the text

When it comes to knitting, I stick to the pattern. If a designer took the time to write it all out and work on the math, well that saves me the time doesn’t it? But what do you do when there is no pattern? A few months ago, one of my aunts made a special knitting request. She wanted me to knit a tuxedo sweater for a well-loved stuffed animal belonging to a friend of my cousin. I went to Ravelry to research and came up with a few ideas. I did have to do some modifications on the fly as I was working without a real idea of the size or shape of the stuffed animal! I had an approximate arm span and length to start. I also had a little stuffed animal jacket that was about the size my aunt had in mind.

Nutmegknitter's Tuxedo Tails for Dog Tuxedo Tails for Dog modeled

I think it ended up being slightly too big (but better than too small!), and you can see it on my daughter’s well loved Puppy.  The yarn is Shibui Staccato, a bit fancy yes, but it is a tux. I followed the Tuxedo Tails pattern, following a mix of the numbers as my yarn was a different weight.

Departing the dock

I grew up spending my summers at the beach. Even though I now live a few miles from Long Island sound I don’t get to the water nearly enough. I did go out with a group of local knitters for an evening tour cruising about the Thimble Islands!

Thimble Islands Knitting Cruise

There is a lot of legend and lore about those islands that I learned during (and after) our jaunt – tales of Captain Kidd, legends of who owns which house, trying to figure out what happens to those palm trees in the winter, why is there only one chair out on the rock and is that a swimming pool up there? I did manage a few rows of knitting on my Wonder Woman shawl. It’s always a good time to be out with knitting company and this adventure, organized by Gale, did not disappoint!

So much for my pre-summer blog reboot, the last post was back in June! Life is full!

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Pre-Summer Reboot

Jun 07

It’s time to reboot this blog! I have missed posting here. Just looking around, under, and next to my desk there are still piles of yarn and projects. There is no lack for posting material.

One sock knit

Let’s start with this sock, a Winter Weekend Sock, knit in Knitted Wit Victory DK, “Mama Bear” colorway. Socks are always magical, and after knitting this first one, all I want to knit are these. Ankle socks in dk-weight yarn work up super quick! I have 3, maybe 4, additional skeins of DK that I want to make into socks.

Lincoln models the clapochetLincoln needs the practice in his modeling. Getting a big dog to be my project model is not so easy. I can pay him in peanut butter and just keep clicking away, hoping for a decent shot among those pixels! Here he is posing with the Clapochet I finished.

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