Socks and Speculation

Jan 17

We’re in a bit of a thaw right now. It’s a very welcome change, but the weather is sure to turn back again. Here’s what I’m reading and knitting:


I’ve been making good progress on my Yukon River Socks after a bit of a setback. I thought I might have a bug + yarn issue. The yarn, project needles and all were tossed in the freezer and then I wound the yarn from the monster skein into cakes. No other signs of bugs or yarn that had been eaten away. PHEW. 

The rainbow striped sock now has a heel and I’m cruising along! I prefer to knit my socks two-at-a-time, but in this case, I wanted to cast on right away and not bother with making another yarn cake.

Not pictured is the book I finished last week, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake. It was cute, had great food descriptions, and is the type of story you could picture being turned into a rom-com movie for Hallmark or Lifetime. I decided on The Book of Speculation for my next read because when I opened it up, the date on the first page was June 20 – my birthday! It’s an interesting story told in the present and in the past.

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Three on Thursday: Yarnathon 2018

Jan 11

The eat.sleep.knit Yarnathon has reset for 2018 with an Under the Sea theme! If you haven’t participated before you can jump in anytime. I love playing along with the challenges throughout the year. The creativity and hard work that is involved behind the scenes is incredible.

Team Dolphiknot

I’ve been a Stitchosaur, a Fleecy Fox, a Whalien, and a Cocoa Cub before being assigned to the Dolphiknot pod.


Throughout the year there are knit-alongs and projects to work on to complete to earn yardage and badges. The first KAL is to knit a Tin Can Knits pattern. My plan is to knit a Bonny using Madelinetosh Prairie in Nassau Blue. The yarn photographed more blue than the greeny-teal it is.

Under the Sea Yarn

Along with the theme, there are exclusive colorways. I welcomed a skein of Single Silky Targhee in Sea Witch to the stash with the intention of knitting a Captiva wrap.

Do you play in the Yarnathon?




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Brioche and the Winter Blast

Jan 08

One week into 2018 and I have my first FO!

Brioche is a technique that I have long admired but never tried. In a Facebook group, other knitters suggested pattern ideas for a first brioche project. I grabbed a ball of yarn that hadn’t been returned to the stash yet and just went for it using the Drejø patternWhat do you know, it’s not that hard! My gauge and yarn choice are off for that particular project, so I’m not going to continue it but the bit I started gave me enough confidence to get going on a project I really wanted to start.

#makenine2018 Project 1

Nutmegknitter Chromatic Cowl

I purchased the Chromatic Cowl kit at Vogue Knitting Live a few years back. How can you resist squishy fabric and rainbows? I cast on January 1st and finished within the week! Mostly I worked on this project in the evenings. The lamplight didn’t accurately show the colors, so it was a treat to look at it in natural light and see the gorgeous gradient. While it has gone straight from cast-off to cowl-to-wear, there is quite a bit of bias. I could and might block it, but honestly, I would rather just wear the cowl!

It’s cold!

Layered up

The weather this past week has been crazy cold, what with the Bombogenesis and all. I think we’ll be back to normal temperatures towards the end of this week. I signed up to walk or run a mile outside each day in January in the Race Cancer Winter Challenge so I have been layered up. I wish more of my layers were wools and handknits, but it’s hard to beat the lightweight warmth of polar fleece. I did use my Thames Street Mittens, previously felted when worn shoveling in a winter storm, and they were wonderful.

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Dec 28

Let’s face facts:

  • My stash is certainly healthy and likely SABLE-status (that stands for Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy. It will take years to knit or crochet it all.)
  • My Ravelry queue is 54 pages long. That’s over 1600 projects I have noticed and thought “Yeah, I’d like to make that.”
  • Yarn and crafts are part of my day job, which only further enables me!
  • There’s real-life stuff that needs attention.

There’s no shortage of items I would like to make. I have invested in a lovely stash so there really isn’t a shortage of supplies. What I do seem to be short on is time! Maybe that’s why the #2018MakeNine is so appealing to me. Surely I can focus my attention on 9 projects, right?

Here’s what I’m thinking*:

Nutmegknitter's 2018MakeNine

  1. Love All Ways Cowl using a Good Karma Yarn mini kit from Rhinebeck, 2016.
  2. So Faded Sweater using MadTosh DK Twist “Snake Fade” – Christmas yarn, thank you to my awesome hubby!
  3. Grand Forks Pullover in Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair
  4. White Russian with the Fox Hill Farm Cormo, also from Rhinebeck, 2016.
  5. Yukon River Stockings in Wendy Traditional Aran
  6. Chromatic Cowl Kit from VKLive 2016
  7. Movie Night Cocoon Cardi (crochet) in Mirasol Illaris
  8. Finish the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Kits I started – Once Upon a Time
  9. Finish the Wild Olive Out in Nature stitch project.

*It goes without saying that these are likely to change on any given whim I have, a yarn I see, yarnathon challenges, random knitalongs that cross my social channels and distract me.



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Little Dude Sweater

Dec 27

Big plans

At the end of the summer, I had a grand plan to knit sweaters for my nieces, nephew, and kids. This post is all about the Little Dude sweater knit for my nephew.  My nephew lives in Thailand but has been visiting for Christmas so yes, knitting a wool sweater was absolutely a good idea. The weather is so cold, especially since they arrived.

The Little Dude Sweater in Progress

First sleeve of the Little Dude Sweater

The Little Dude sweater is absolute magic. I jumped in, without swatching, to make the 1-2 year size. From the get-go, there were several instances for me of “Just trust the pattern”. That cast-on with waste yarn that you later remove leaving no live stitches but a nice stretchy ribbed cuff?

I steeked! I’m a steeker!

My first steek

This was my first time to steek a sweater. I found that watching a Very Pink Knits tutorial video and reading the Tin Can Knits blog post about steeking gave me the confidence to take the scissors to the fabric.  Deep breath, snip, snip, snip. It worked!

Finished Little Dude sweater!

I steam blocked the sweater. I was concerned with the colorwork on the sleeves was a bit snug. That did relax a bit with the steam, but I was still a little worried for the fit. Perfect buttons were found at Madison Wool!


D in his sweater!

The sweater fits and he has worn it a lot on this trip! It is so cozy and warm, I don’t exactly want to make a Dude sweater for myself, but I am now open to the idea of a colorwork, steeked sweater for me. Of the 5 intended sweaters, 3 were finished, 1 is still in progress and 1 is still a question mark of what to make. The WIP and unknown are for my kids, so it’s ok.

Me & the little dude


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Little Sparkly Legwarmers

Nov 16

This is a post that is 100% in favor of having and maintaining a healthy yarn stash. Ages ago (June of 2011 according to my Ravelry notebook), I picked up skeins of Kollage Glisten in red, thinking it would make a fun Koolhaas hat for me. The yarn has sat in the stash untouched. Fast forward to August when I started thinking about making sweaters for the little kids in the family. My niece loves the color red, so I thought of that fun sparkly yarn. Two skeins are not enough for a sweater and though I tried to find another red to match it, that’s just not what it was meant to be. I changed my plans to legwarmers when I found out she was taking dance this fall. Perfect!

Nutmegknitter's Legwarmers

I didn’t keep track of which pattern I used to crochet these legwarmers. I may have modified them on my own as I worked them, thinking they looked big enough. They fit my 6yr old so I figured that would do the trick. Off in the mail, they went to the little ladybug ballerina.

The cute, it is almost too much. She loves them and wears them and said they smelled nice when she opened the package. The highest compliment for a handmade item, don’t you think?

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Greyhound Sweater

Oct 27

Greyhounds are a unique breed, no doubt. We met Lincoln back in February, on one of the coldest days of the year and he seemed totally happy to be out for a walk without a coat. Maybe because it was all new and different in retirement? Anyway, as the temperature changed over the months we noticed he has a narrow window of temperatures where he’s comfortable. We have a lot of blankets out and cozy spots to snuggle, but I believe he’s still getting used to the idea of being under a blanket.

Lincoln's Housecoat

I found the Greyhound Sweater in a Weekend pattern on Etsy and went stash diving. I used up a skein of Red Heart Super Saver and two skeins of Patons Canadiana from the deep acrylic stash. The pattern worked up super quick. I probably spent more time deciding on buttons and finally sewing them on than I did on the actual crochet. I’m happy enough with the end result – it stays on and fits, Lincoln doesn’t seem to mind.

Rolling around in my new sweater Sitting pretty

It feels a bit like having a baby in the house again. We’re ok, but does the dog need another layer, should we turn on the heat? We’re learning the answer is yes. If you need a sweatshirt, he needs something. He does ok wearing a neckwarmer and we do have a proper greyhound coat for the outside elements. This sweater is really just to give him another layer inside and it works better than making him wear one of our vests or sweatshirts. I really do not want to go down the road of greyhound pajamas, you gotta draw the line somewhere!

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