Dec 28

Let’s face facts:

  • My stash is certainly healthy and likely SABLE-status (that stands for Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy. It will take years to knit or crochet it all.)
  • My Ravelry queue is 54 pages long. That’s over 1600 projects I have noticed and thought “Yeah, I’d like to make that.”
  • Yarn and crafts are part of my day job, which only further enables me!
  • There’s real-life stuff that needs attention.

There’s no shortage of items I would like to make. I have invested in a lovely stash so there really isn’t a shortage of supplies. What I do seem to be short on is time! Maybe that’s why the #2018MakeNine is so appealing to me. Surely I can focus my attention on 9 projects, right?

Here’s what I’m thinking*:

Nutmegknitter's 2018MakeNine

  1. Love All Ways Cowl using a Good Karma Yarn mini kit from Rhinebeck, 2016.
  2. So Faded Sweater using MadTosh DK Twist “Snake Fade” – Christmas yarn, thank you to my awesome hubby!
  3. Grand Forks Pullover in Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair
  4. White Russian with the Fox Hill Farm Cormo, also from Rhinebeck, 2016.
  5. Yukon River Stockings in Wendy Traditional Aran
  6. Chromatic Cowl Kit from VKLive 2016
  7. Movie Night Cocoon Cardi (crochet) in Mirasol Illaris
  8. Finish the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Kits I started – Once Upon a Time
  9. Finish the Wild Olive Out in Nature stitch project.

*It goes without saying that these are likely to change on any given whim I have, a yarn I see, yarnathon challenges, random knitalongs that cross my social channels and distract me.



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  1. Ooh, your make nine look great! Nice goals for 2018. I constantly re-evaluate my ravelry queue so that there are never more than 40 projects in there. Anything that has been in there for years and I don’t have a good reason for having not made yet… I’m probably never going to make it. So I delete it. I figure if it’s meant to be, I’ll end up adding it to my queue again eventually!

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