For the Love of Socks

Feb 16

For the Love of Socks

Thanks to a quick kid-free getaway at the start of the month, I made a lot of progress on the socks in my last post. And now they are all finished!

Finished Socks for the Family

Nutmegknitter's socks for the family

I used the Breamish pattern for each of the kids, with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel, and they are perfect! Have you heard of a sock ruler? I bought one and noted everyone’s foot length and spots to start the toes on it. Having this handy ruler meant I didn’t have to keep trying the socks on each recipient. I did try the socks for my son on him when I checked them against the ruler and he asked for another pair of socks right away. Nate’s socks are from deep stash, no label, a nice blue-grey marled yarn. Lorelai’s socks are in Plymouth Yarn Neon Now.

Business Casual socks in MrsCrosby Train Case

Dan’s socks are the Business Casual pattern in the Squid Ink colorway of Mrs. Crosby Train Case – the inside photos do not do this colorway justice. It’s the coolest palette of greys and a subtle purple. Of course, I’m still thinking of the next several pairs of socks to be made! I am pretty sure I have enough leftovers of the Squid Ink to pair with a purple or pink for either stripes or contrasting cuffs/heels/toes for me. Nutmegknitter's Rainbow Oops socks

In January, I finished socks for me! Plain vanilla, because the rainbow stripe work of Vesper Sock Yarn doesn’t need anything else. Fish Lips Kiss heel again – I have this one memorized!

Year of the Dog

I never need a reason to celebrate dogs. I’ll be winding up my Ancient Arts MCN DK in “Brindle Dog” to make a pair of Winter Weekend Socks. Look at how great this colorway matches my brindle buddy!

Year of the Dog Brindle Dog socks

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Sock Bug Bites Again

Jan 31

Sock Bug Bites Again

I finished a pair of socks last weekend and immediately wanted to cast on another pair! Rarely do I make socks for anyone other than myself. My husband has proven to be sock-worthy and I made two pairs of socks for my daughter, which she has outgrown. So I’ve let myself be distracted from my other projects to work on making socks for my little family.

What’s in the bags?

What's in the project bags?

My husband’s socks are in the Stitched by JessaLu Princess Bride bag. The pattern is Business Casual, in Mrs. Crosby Squid Ink, picked out by himself at Webs on our trip to Montreal (ages ago). These have been hibernating for too long and it’s time to get them done! For my daughter, I’ve pulled out Neon Now from Plymouth Yarn, from a previous pair of socks I tried to make for her, and those aren’t cast on yet. Everything is ready in the Ninja Bunny Knitty bag. Socks for my son are in the Wild Things bag from Little Skein. I have no idea what the yarn is. I found it in the stash, next to a partially completed sock that was hibernating, no tags, and I didn’t enter it in Ravelry. Breamish is the pattern I’m using for the kids’ socks.

What am I reading?

I’m still reading Radium Girls. It is fascinating, especially considering what the workplace and healthcare laws are like today. The company flat out lied and misled the women and their families.


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Two new starts and two in progress socks

Jan 24

In Progress

Reading: This week I started reading Radium Girls. The first night, a handful of pages in and I had a pit in my stomach. The focus is the girls (teenagers!) who worked to paint watch dials and instruments dials with paint that would glow in the dark. Radium was the main ingredient. Radium at the time was in fashion and trendy and the hot new science miracle. These stories are intense, shocking, tragic, outrageous, complicated by business politics, and their injuries and medical issues are graphically described. Consider the workplace rules and regulations, environmental concerns, and lawsuits you hear about today and realize that none of those were in place for these girls back in the 1920s. This book is going to stay with me for a long time.

Knitting: I cast on for the Bonny in Madelinetosh Prairie, the Nassau Blue colorway. Appropriate for this post, the color is almost luminescent and hard to accurately capture. I’ve got a good section of plain stockinette to go before I get to the lace.

Yukon River Stockings in progress

Also knitting: The Yukon River Stockings have received a lot of knitting attention. I thought for sure I’d be getting to the top and ready for the cuff, then I reread the instructions and I have ten more inches to knit! It feels a bit like sleeve island. After reading this post from Interweave about modifications on the pattern, I may just work them to be knee-highs rather than over-the-knee. Height is on my side, but I am positive that a knee-high style will be just right for wearing with pajama leggings. One more repeat of the chart, then I should be able to work the cuff ribbing.

HO (half-finished object)!

One Rainbow striped sock

One rainbow-striped sock is done and the second sock already has the heel turned. I can’t wait to wear them!

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Three on Thursday Dark Side

Jan 17

We have pretty devoted Star Wars fans in my house. My husband and I grew up watching Episodes IV, V, and VI. Our kids know the characters and are watching the movies. Lorelai was even Rey for Halloween, complete with a BB8! Here are my loosely-related three on Thursday, as I’ve been thinking about the Dark Side lately.

1. My new shirt!

Darth Vader walking his AT-AT as you do. Lincoln is a bit like an AT-AT, especially when he stands over you.

2. Bringing a new knitter to the Dark Side:

My son wanted to learn how to knit last week. Now he’s promising scarves and sweaters to all his stuffed animals and wants to know if there are other colors of yarn he can use.

3. Fabric

A fabric store moved into town. This is a dangerous temptation for me! I bought fabric from them last summer for a piecing project (the Out in Nature Stitching Club from Wild Olive) and promptly stalled on it. Now that they are closer I am getting the itch to stitch! I did actually start the project, see:

This is one of my Make Nine 2018. Pulling it out for a picture will certainly enable me to stitch a few more of the pieces.

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Socks and Speculation

Jan 17

We’re in a bit of a thaw right now. It’s a very welcome change, but the weather is sure to turn back again. Here’s what I’m reading and knitting:


I’ve been making good progress on my Yukon River Socks after a bit of a setback. I thought I might have a bug + yarn issue. The yarn, project needles and all were tossed in the freezer and then I wound the yarn from the monster skein into cakes. No other signs of bugs or yarn that had been eaten away. PHEW. 

The rainbow striped sock now has a heel and I’m cruising along! I prefer to knit my socks two-at-a-time, but in this case, I wanted to cast on right away and not bother with making another yarn cake.

Not pictured is the book I finished last week, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake. It was cute, had great food descriptions, and is the type of story you could picture being turned into a rom-com movie for Hallmark or Lifetime. I decided on The Book of Speculation for my next read because when I opened it up, the date on the first page was June 20 – my birthday! It’s an interesting story told in the present and in the past.

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