Pop! Candy Dots Flash Knit Along

Sep 07

Over the Labor Day weekend, my little family took a road trip to Vermont. I am ever the optimist and promptly over packed my knitting projects: three shawls in progress, a sweater for my daughter in progress, a scarf in progress, a fingerless mitten that needs a mate, and a cowl project. I only worked on one thing!

At the start of the road trip

The cowl project, Candy Dots, was a Flash KAL for the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon. The challenge was to knit the project August 28 – September 4. I started on August 28 and in the car ride and throughout the weekend I got into the groove of reading my knitting without having to reference the charts too frequently. Knitting on the porch, Vermont sunset

Same view, different project from last year! My yarns are Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Locura Fluo, Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Natural, and Shibui Staccato in Black.

Eating Candy Dots while wearing a Candy Dots Cowl

I’m really pleased with this cowl! Points to the Cocoa Cubs! During the knitting, I thought maybe my daughter would like it (and wear it) more than I would. The end result is light, soft, and warm. I may end up keeping it. One of our stops was at Yankee Candle Village and in one section of the shops, they had old fashioned candy. Of course, I had to pick up a pack of candy buttons. I haven’t had dot candy in ages. It tastes the same, sweet yet chalky, and that did not stop me from eating all of those dots while taking photos.


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Do a Good Turn

Aug 17

I was called to Jury Duty this week. My second reaction after the initial one of being summoned was one of absolute disappointment.

No Knitting Needles for Jury Duty

I wonder what happened, with which knitter, that made the court specifically make note of this in the pamphlet. And do I know this knitter? In a moment like this, I am really glad I have learned to crochet. I was able to bring in my crochet hooks and chibi of needles, no problem. I didn’t bother with scissors or a lot of extra notions.

Manos del Uruguay Serpentina tag

Initially, I wanted to make hats, but I’m finding I still need to reference the counts on even the simple baby patterns. I wanted a pattern that I could feel confident and comfortable working on, but could easily pick up and put down if needed. A new addition to my stash was a skein of Manos del Uruguay Serpentina, a deliciously squishy handspun hand painted Aran yarn.

One good turn cowl in Manos del Uruguay Serpentina

This is the Mother Teresa colorway and the One Good Turn pattern (it’s a freebie!). I started after our first break and had just woven in the ends when my name was called. Mine is a bit wider than the pattern due to a different gauge. I worked each row until I had maybe eighteen inches of yarn left, just enough for seaming the ends. Less than two hours of work for a scarf! The yarn is really fun with the pops of color, has a lovely hand, and is just so so soft.

Modeled shot

In the end, I was dismissed and I have a new cowl.

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The first red cowl

Feb 23

My last post was about the pink and red, and February continues to be a month full of red yarn! My son doesn’t like to zip up his coat all the way, so I made him a neck warmer to keep the winter chill off his neck. A quick dive into the yarn stash brought up leftover Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Cummerbund. Reds and oranges, deemed to be “dragon colors” by the boy. It was just the right amount of yarn to make the Mallard pattern.

Mallard cowl

I wasn’t too sure by the pattern instructions on how to put the triangles together, so I made my best guess and it seemed to work out.

Mallard cowl modeled Mallard cowl modeled

Nate was appreciative of the finished object and I am pleased with the way it came out. Has he worn it? No. Stinker. Cute, but still a stinker. Oh well. I will tuck it in with the other hats and mitts until he discovers it on his own.

A Thanks Mom picture

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Neckwarmers for All

Dec 19

Ribbed Scarf

Years ago I made a fantastic scarf for my husband.  Chunky baby alpaca yarn, long enough to wrap around your neck and be snug. I made it so long ago that it isn’t even in my Ravelry projects! Dan’s scarf has been showing signs of wear, so I decided it was time to make a new one.  Earlier this year I picked up a yarn grab bag from eatsleepknit and in that bag were two skeins of madelinetosh dk in the Moss colorway. I have made Dan a pair of socks and a hat that sort of echo this color palette. The Manly Ribbed Scarf caught my eye when I was pattern hunting on Ravelry. I started with a chain that was a good deal longer than the suggested 220 – I think I had more than 300? The chain reached from my nose to the floor, which I thought would work out ok. In the end, the new scarf is shorter than the old one! This new scarf was a definite win – I am so pleased with the texture and it nicely used up the yarn.

Purl Ridge on Jackson

My second FO is a new cowl, for the eatsleepknit Yarnathon Q4 challenge – to knit a Westknits pattern.  I don’t know exactly why, but I wasn’t really feeling the challenge this quarter. I decided on the Purl Ridge modified slightly for less yarn, more of a cowl style. Again, I used madelinetosh, vintage this time in Cape Town Rainbow, another yarn that came to me in a grab bag. I like the colors, but they aren’t really me. Looks good on Jackson, don’t you think?

Purl Ridge on person

Lorelai was a good sport in being a model for me too! She also took quite a liking to the cowl, and has worn it to school almost every day this week, that’s a win in my book.


Hooray for happy handknits (and crochet), warm necks, and knit(and crochet)worthy family members!

Linking Up!

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Fo Friday Baby Alpaca Cowl

Nov 07

Sample Knitting Project – Before!

Frequently in my blog I talk about sample knitting, something I do enjoy. When I take on a sample knitting project, the yarn and project usually are a surprise to me and I appreciate the opportunity to try out a design, yarn, or even colorway that I would not normally pick up on my own. I started sample knitting because I knew a designer at a yarn company. That was a great way to get some initial experience and the yarn company was well known enough that I could use that when I looked into other projects. I have picked up a few more jobs from word of mouth or seeing a Facebook post that someone needed samples made up, and I have also had luck in responding to posts on Ravelry! This week my FO Friday project is a sample knit for Plymouth Yarn Co, a cowl in new colorways of their Baby Alapca DK.

Sample Knitting Project – After!

This project was straightforward and an fun way to spotlight your favorite colorways. One of these new colors is a great teal – not too green, not too blue, just right. This was my first time to knit with the Baby Alpaca DK – a long time ago I used the Baby Alpaca Grande for Dan’s scarf (way back when – it’s not even in my Ravelry projects!), these yarns just beg to be knit!

In looking up links, discovered their new-to-me blog! If you check out the post about Galway Roving, that is a sample I knit for them. When sample knitting, there are limits on what I can share – if it’s a new design, or new colorways, so I respect that and not provide too much detail about the project. I would give two thumbs up to the Galway roving (especially that cowl) – it was so warm, yet light! I tend to lean towards the blues-greens-purples / jewel tones for my personal style, though this orange was a really nice orange!

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Braids and Cakes and Stripes

Sep 17

A gentle reminder – there are a few more days until I draw a winner of the So Pretty! Crochet book! Leave your comment on that post for a chance to win!
I am having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we just had the last weekend of summer. I remember thinking in June that, at the time, it seemed like the summer was going to stretch on forever. All of sudden it seems a switch has been flipped. The weather is stunning. At night temperatures are just cool enough to have a window open and use a blanket. I’m wearing socks again. My oven is being used more for baking sweet treats. I look forward to having a hot cup of tea in the afternoon and after dinner. This weekend I also accomplished a baking a loaf of banana bread and I braided my hair!
That may be an odd thing to blog about it, but I am so proud! For my entire life I have wrestled with my lion’s mane. Seriously. I have massively thick hair which is a blessing and a curse. For me, it doesn’t work to just leave it down unless it has been cut / layered / thinned. I am well overdue for a cut. When I was a kid my mom or one of my aunts would frequently french braid my hair. I have never been able to do it on my own. I think I just gave up too quickly when my arms tired. I tried again yesterday and it worked! DH even noticed with the comment of “That looks intricate!” Bonus points for me as it stayed in ALL day – I did hairspray it quite a bit when finished, but that plus 4 bobby pins are the only things holding it up!
I’ve been busy knitting on two knit for hire sample knitting projects. They are going well, but I can feel my hands start to itch for something else to knit. I have two socks in progress that I would love to pick up again and the Rhinebeck hats. Within the last week I have queued three patterns on Ravelry, all variations of a stripey scarf / cowl, and I just can’t stop thinking about them. Next to polka dots, I think bold stripes are my favorite. Did you happen to see Simple Sprinkle, Sen-Sen, or Shift? I am thinking about doing the Sen-Sen in two colors of Silky Wool (magenta and a dusty pink), but I need to check my stash to be sure I have the right amounts. For the Sprinkle or Shift, I am thinking about using up a mish-mosh of Manos that I scored in a destash. All the yarn came caked, so I have no idea of colorways, but I have been having fun putting them together. What do you think? Rainbows are always great:
I do love blues-with-a-hint-of-purple:
I also love purples-with-blues:
Or I could step out of my usual colorway zone, and go with purpley-pink:
Purple pink
What did your weekend hold?

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