Little Hats, Big Hearts Self-Challenge

Mar 01

February is Heart Month and a time to raise awareness for heart health and congenital heart defects. The Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign aims to give a red hat to all the babies born in February to support this. I’ve made hats for LHBH for 3 years now. This year, I decided to challenge myself and make one hat each day in February. I did it!

30 Hats made for Little Hats, Big Hearts

All total, I made 30 hats! 2 are knit, the rest are crochet, and due to differences in gauge (intentionally or not), I have an assortment of preemie and newborn hats.

30 hats for the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign

The patterns I used (in no particular order):

  • Preemie / Newborn Bow Hat – I made two of these in Blue Sky Skinny cotton, no bows.
  • Delaney Spiral Beanie – two of these, I liked it much better in Juniper Moon Neve than in Berroco Comfort
  • Itty Bitty Bow Beanie – no bow, in Blue Sky Skinny Cotton
  • Teresa’s 10 Minute Crochet Preemie Hat – I made this one 3 times in Kraemer Yarns Tatamy DK, Juniper Moon Neve, and Berroco Comfort. Still can’t  crack that 10-minute mark. It takes me 12-15 minutes.
  • Baby Flapper Girl Hat – no ribbon, super cute. This red yarn didn’t have a label but I think it’s cotton-ease.
  • Michael Beanie – this one was fun, made it 3X with Cotton-Ease, Juniper Moon Neve. That stripe is great for using up scraps!
  • Crown Preemie and Newborn Hat – made twice in Cotton Ease. Super cute.
  • Leafy Newborn Hat – Knitting felt so slow! Cotton-Ease on this one.
  • Calming Baby Hat – ditto: Knitting felt so slow! Cotton-Ease on this one.
  • Super Speedy Preemie Hat in Cotton-Ease
  • A Very Good Hat – came out huge for me, in Cotton Ease
  • Quick Cozy Preemie Hat – this one with the heart on the front I adore and look forward to making again. The post stitches and color changes all clicked! Kraemer Yarns Tatamy DK was perfect here.
  • Baby Turban – made this one 2X, super fun. I used Kraemer Yarns Tatamy DK for one and Sirdar Snuggly DK for the other.
  • Roll Brim – can’t find my link for this one, quick enough in Sirdar Snuggly DK
  • Half Double Crochet Hat – made this one four times, it just worked well for me in Sirdar Snuggly DK, Berroco Comfort DK.
  • Preemie Crochet Beret – I’m not going to link this one because I’m not happy with how it came out. I’m still building my skills to crochet, but something wasn’t working out with the pattern, it’s a very pancake-y hat. The pattern (free, so you get what you pay for) was lacking stitch counts and was just ok.
  • Granny Square Beanie – very cute in Berroco Comfort DK
  • Easy Granny Baby Hat – very cute, also in Berroco Comfort DK.

I feel a lot more confident in my crochet skills now. I will continue to work on these hats on and off throughout the year – it would be great to have 50 or even 100 to send off in December. It’s a great cause and deserves a lot of attention. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have ends to weave in!

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FO Friday Bring on the Pinks and Reds

Jan 27

First the Pinks

Drifter in MMW Sheridan 

I’ve worked my way few a number of projects. I made two hats for the Women’s March and handed them off to my LYS before I snapped any pictures. More will be made, so I’ll get them next time. I finished a different pink hat using the Drifter pattern and a skein of pink Mountain Meadow Wool Sheridan. I opted to not do a pom on top and instead used the leftovers (#MakeWIPsNotWaste) to crochet a quick little amigurumi for my desk. I used the Little Sweet Hearts pattern, but I think my interpretation of the directions for the heart topper went a bit off track. It’s all good, it’s cute.

Then the Reds


I had stashed Madelinetosh Chunky in Cherry (two different lots) from a grab bag sale a while back. After a few false starts on other projects, I knit it up into the Bittersweet cowl. I love this project! It’s just right under my jacket or sweatshirt and doesn’t feel bulky or heavy. The cowl took a little more than one skein, so I looked to make a hat to match – finally. My handknit hats and cowls are mostly in similar color families so they go together, but it’s a happy accident. I liked the cables in the Josie hat and it was a fun knit. The end result was a hat that was slightly too small for my head (but did fit) and slightly too large for my kids (but did fit). I ended up donating it to the Women’s March as well.

And One More with All the Pinks

I am a big fan of Mamachee’s crochet patterns and the Busy Bitch shawl just made me smile. Combine it with a skein of Dream in Color Classy in Hot Pants, and… well, it made me smile even more. It’s finished, but it doesn’t quite sit right they way I think it should. All’s well, though, my daughter likes it and has claimed it.





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A Bunny FO

Jan 20

Finished Object Friday!

I finally can share a little baby gift I crocheted!

Nutmegknitter's Bunny Rag Doll

This little bunny has been finished for a while, but I had to wait for the new little guy (my nephew) to arrive. Then I had to be patient with the mail service to deliver his first piece of mail! I used Juniper Moon Farm’s Neve cotton, which is becoming my go-to when I want to use a cotton.


A boy and his bunny. His dad, my baby brother, continues to be referred to as “the bunny”, so it was an obvious choice for me to make this particular project!

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That blanket

Sep 13

Last year I decided I wanted to make a blanket.

I had a lot of nice wool leftovers and thought it would be a great idea to put them together in one project. The original plan was to make an Age Before Beauty blanket, sort of patchwork style, expecting it to be pretty in an ugly sort of way, but something ultimately that would be mine and I would love it, use it and really appreciate it. I affectionately named it “My ‘I’m 37 and not old’ blanket” because, at the time, that was the birthday that was approaching and if you’re a Monty Python fan that line is all you can think of at that age.

Fast-forward to a more than a year later.

I’m no longer 37, having had another birthday. I wasn’t really loving the way the project was turning out and it was hibernating. I went looking for some other yarn related thing, found this project and decided to rip it all out to make something else that I would love, use, and appreciate. Immediately I started to rip it all out. I was obsessed, frogging all day Friday. Then I sorted all the yarns I had set aside for this project (a nice mix of wools, mostly Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica and a few handfuls of Lambs Prides and Malabrigo Worsted) and grouped them by color. I came across the Somewhere Over the Rainbow pattern and got to work, modifying slightly with a larger number of stitches cast on and holding two yarns together at a time. The following Monday evening it was done!


It’s big enough to cover my bed, but I am keeping it downstairs on the couch. Jackson has taken to it, as did Lorelai yesterday morning when we had beautifully cool overnight temperatures.

It’s exactly what I was hoping for in a blanket!

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New Books and a WIP Confession

Oct 21


  I forgot to include the two books I picked up at Rhinebeck in my earlier post! These were on my mental shopping list and I am enjoying them immensely. Unexpected Cables is by Heather Zoppetti and impresses me more as I stop just flipping through the pages and really take a look at her designs. I’ve long been a fan of her work, and even shared a review of Everyday Lace, and I am happy I had the chance to tell her in person! The week before Rhinebeck I saw online that the new SpillyJane Knits Mittens book would be available and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Mittens are not a project I make or use actually, I’m more of a fingerless mitts kind of gal, but I do admire her design work. Of course you can turn mittens into fingerless mitts quite easily, so I do expect this book will be a good resource.


And now, confession time. My last group of WIPs are still getting attention, but you wouldn’t know it to look at them. I started a new project last night… not in any of the new lovely yarn from Rhinebeck… I am knitting from stash. Deep stash.. in acrylic. Sigh. Acrylic often gets a bad wrap, and the particular acrylic I’m using, even more so. But you know what? This is totally a project perfect to use it on, and maybe make a dent in my stash of undocumented acrylic. I am holding three strands together and am working up the preschool sized Mermaid Blanket. It’s the sort of project that is scratching the itch of being somewhat mindless, I can pick it up and put it down – though, I started last night and keep wanting to pick it up today! There is a high probability that I could finish this today or tomorrow. Enough people keep sending me the links for these blankets and if it works out well on the small size (I think it will) I could see a few Christmas gifts being taken care of! Acrylic for kid stuff is often the way to go: affordable, tough, will last through pretty much everything, and easy to wash.

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FO Friday Finally Rainbows

Oct 16

Who can resist a rainbow? Not me. Rainbow suspenders a la Mork, Rainbow Bright, Cheer Bear. That is the stuff of my childhood! After the success of Nate’s Happy Throw last year, I thought it was time to make Lorelai a new blanket. She still has (and uses) the Big Bad Baby blanket I made for her before she was born! I decided on a rainbow assortment of Spud & Chloe Sweater, the same yarn as for Nate’s blanket and got started. Then stopped. Then started. And stopped. And so on, for over a year!

Lorelai's Rainbw Happy Throw

It came out great and she loves it! Personally though I’m a bit puzzled. It’s the same pattern, same yarn, same hook as Nate’s version. I was confident in my math, figuring on a certain number of rows per color, and I still played yarn chicken and ran out! When I realized there was not enough of each color to do the scallop design, I decided on just a simple stripe of colors to use up the yarn and get the length. Even more puzzling to me is that Nate’s blanket is bigger!

2 Happy Thros

I don’t get it. I’m willing to concede that my gauge has to be off, but there seems to be some other thing at work here. Maybe because Nate’s blanket has been washed? Sweater, from Spud & Chloe, is a fabulous yarn – the colorways are incredible, it washes and dries so beautifully, and is so soft. I’m really pleased with it and it is a prominent go-to choice for my list of kid-friendly yarns.


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