The first red cowl

Feb 23

My last post was about the pink and red, and February continues to be a month full of red yarn! My son doesn’t like to zip up his coat all the way, so I made him a neck warmer to keep the winter chill off his neck. A quick dive into the yarn stash brought up leftover Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Cummerbund. Reds and oranges, deemed to be “dragon colors” by the boy. It was just the right amount of yarn to make the Mallard pattern.

Mallard cowl

I wasn’t too sure by the pattern instructions on how to put the triangles together, so I made my best guess and it seemed to work out.

Mallard cowl modeled Mallard cowl modeled

Nate was appreciative of the finished object and I am pleased with the way it came out. Has he worn it? No. Stinker. Cute, but still a stinker. Oh well. I will tuck it in with the other hats and mitts until he discovers it on his own.

A Thanks Mom picture

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FO Friday Finally Rainbows

Oct 16

Who can resist a rainbow? Not me. Rainbow suspenders a la Mork, Rainbow Bright, Cheer Bear. That is the stuff of my childhood! After the success of Nate’s Happy Throw last year, I thought it was time to make Lorelai a new blanket. She still has (and uses) the Big Bad Baby blanket I made for her before she was born! I decided on a rainbow assortment of Spud & Chloe Sweater, the same yarn as for Nate’s blanket and got started. Then stopped. Then started. And stopped. And so on, for over a year!

Lorelai's Rainbw Happy Throw

It came out great and she loves it! Personally though I’m a bit puzzled. It’s the same pattern, same yarn, same hook as Nate’s version. I was confident in my math, figuring on a certain number of rows per color, and I still played yarn chicken and ran out! When I realized there was not enough of each color to do the scallop design, I decided on just a simple stripe of colors to use up the yarn and get the length. Even more puzzling to me is that Nate’s blanket is bigger!

2 Happy Thros

I don’t get it. I’m willing to concede that my gauge has to be off, but there seems to be some other thing at work here. Maybe because Nate’s blanket has been washed? Sweater, from Spud & Chloe, is a fabulous yarn – the colorways are incredible, it washes and dries so beautifully, and is so soft. I’m really pleased with it and it is a prominent go-to choice for my list of kid-friendly yarns.


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Rectangles Slightly Askew

Aug 19

In case you couldn’t tell from the lack of blogging lately, August has been busy. Work has picked up, the kids were busy with assorted camps, and most recently we took a family trip to a local orchard sunflower maze, celebrated birthdays and now we’re recovering from some sort of summer bug. The little knitting I have done in the inbetween times has not been significant enough to really show off. My Camp Loopy project is slowly growing. Once I was set in making the cabled heartbeat as instructed by the And the Beat Goes On pattern, I have not been following the chart. It is knit in a long tube first and I feel like I’m knitting a sleeve right now, or maybe a leg. It is an enjoyable project, easy to work on and it keeps my attention with the simple cable and gradual color change from the self striping yarn. I also put in a little more time on the I’m 37 I’m Not Old blanket. The second strip is almost finished. There are several spots in which I decreased or increased by accident, but I think when I seam the strips together all will work out just fine. Jackson already approves.

UntitledI didn’t grab the books for the photo, but I am reading. I started The Goldfinch – it’s not a page-turner for me, and I keep getting hung up on trying to figure out when this book takes place. To me it reads like it takes place about 40 years ago, but then there will be a reference to XBox or wifi or something like that. We’ve also had a lot of fun reading and rereading Dragons Love Tacos, one of Nate’s Birthday gifts. It is adorable and the illustrations are equally cute. Yes, Nate is now 4! Didn’t I just post about his arrival last week?


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FO Friday One Ahead of Winter

Jul 17

Wylam Hat is Finished

Here’s to not being that knitter this year who’s children do not have the proper accessories for the winter season. Instead I can be that knitter that makes the kid pose in a wool hat outside in the summer. By the time winter rolls around my son will hopefully still like this hat. I really liked this yarn, SweetGeorgia Superwash Chunky, and am sad that it is discontinued. I’ll be hunting a few Ravelry destashes for more. This is the Wylam pattern from Katya Frankel’s Head to Toe book. I made the 17″ size, and this hat has a good bit of stretch to it thanks to the ribbing. I could fit it on my head – it doesn’t stay too long, given my mane of hair, but it fits. I will make this again, as my daughter liked this pattern as well.

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Fresh FO My Moonshine Molly

Feb 06

Molly hat

Another week, another hat! I actually finished this hat last week and wove in the ends over the weekend. This week the weather has been snowy and cold, giving me ample opportunity to work this hat into the handknit rotation (along with a good number of other handknits as documented on Instagram!). I used the Molly pattern, slightly modified to be more beanie-like. I think I did fourteen repeats? The pattern might read a bit confusing (it’s not if you take it one step at a time), and I found Melsa29’s project notes to be helpful.  This hat is huge, in a good way – it fits over my hair and hair clips without looking too weird with the bumps underneath. The yarn I used is Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine in the June Bug colorway, a sort of greeny-teal. I am really pleased with this project – the depth of color, with a little bit of shine (there’s silk in the yarn, along with wool and alpaca), and it’s comfortable. This project also counts for my Headgear KAL for the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon and I was able to pick up a few new badges, so all around it’s a win.

My favorite picture of me in the hat is this outtake – my son was being silly taking selfies with me and then Jackson popped in too.

Molly hat with friends

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Happy Halloween!

Oct 31

We’re ready for Halloween tonight! The weather is predicted to be on the chilly side, perfect for all the Elsa’s out there, including my own.

My daughter is still big into all things princess. Last year she was Wonder Woman (technically a princess!) and I thought maybe this year we could something different. Elsa, in all her sparkly glory, is the Snow Queen, so it’s still a step in the right direction. The pattern is from Adorkable Crochet and is well written. We attended the town’s Trunk-or-Treat event and it received a lot of positive feedback.

Jackson is always my go-to model. My son is a highly elusive dinosaur, extinct maybe as he hasn’t wanted to wear his costume outside our home, and even then it’s only for a few minutes. I did make the Dalton Dino Hood for him and finished it last night. He is happy that his Dino hat is finished and in following his sisters footsteps when she was this age, fussed when I tried to pop it on his head. I’m not beneath bribery for a photo. After 70 or so were snapped (I LOVE the burst feature on my phone’s camera!) he enjoyed a lollipop.

Of course, now he’s saying he’s going to be a vampire.  Happy Halloween!

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