Pre-Summer Reboot

Jun 07

It’s time to reboot this blog! I have missed posting here. Just looking around, under, and next to my desk there are still piles of yarn and projects. There is no lack for posting material.

One sock knit

Let’s start with this sock, a Winter Weekend Sock, knit in Knitted Wit Victory DK, “Mama Bear” colorway. Socks are always magical, and after knitting this first one, all I want to knit are these. Ankle socks in dk-weight yarn work up super quick! I have 3, maybe 4, additional skeins of DK that I want to make into socks.

Lincoln models the clapochetLincoln needs the practice in his modeling. Getting a big dog to be my project model is not so easy. I can pay him in peanut butter and just keep clicking away, hoping for a decent shot among those pixels! Here he is posing with the Clapochet I finished.

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As You Wish to be a Responsible Knitter

Jan 07

Business of Squid Ink Socks in progress

I’m devouring the As You Wish book but trying my best to savor it. This book is nothing but love for all the cast and crew and everyone involved in the making of the movie. It strikes me for a moment or two as odd, because what experience is that overwhelmingly positive?! On the other hand it makes me happy to know that one of my favorite warm-fuzzy movies was made with such warm-fuzzies as well.  You get out what you put in! In keeping with my theme, I’ve started a pair of socks for my own Westley. My husband is very much a knitworthy person! I’m using the Business Casual pattern and Mrs. Crosby Train Case in the Squid Ink colorway, picked out by himself. I have fallen hard for this colorway – it’s a wonderful grey and I noticed bits of purple in there when the yarn is in natural light (tricky to photograph!). Of course, this project is in my Stitched By JessaLu Princess Bride bag! Did you see the Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition yarn over at Jimmy Beans Wool this month? Princess Bride: Farm Boy, As You Wish, Inconceivable, and Prepare to Dye! So tempting!!

Swatches for Sample knitting

I started the socks on dpns, just one for now. I was thinking I would get the cuffs done on each and then move to two-at-a-time, Magic Loop style, but it’s a novelty to work this one on dpns right now. I’m using Karbonz and I love them! They are lightweight and pointy. I’ve also started my current sample knit project, a lace shawl for Plymouth Yarn Company in a new yarn.  This yarn is quite lovely and has kept me busy swatching. Again. And again as needed. In this case it took me three tries. Each swatch was also given a soak and allowed to rest and dry overnight. Now I’m off and knitting and feeling like a kick-ass knitter as the lace portion is patterned on each side, no rest rows!

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Wonderfully Super Socks

Oct 03

Nutmegknitter's Wonderfully Super Socks

I just finished my Wonderfully Super Socks! The yarn was picked as part of my Personal Sock Club with the Stitch Addiction podcast – it was picked for May, but not cast on until August, and finally finished in October. Wonderfully Super is the colorway of this yarntini yarn and I would love to get more of her yarns, the color saturation is fabulous and the socks feel wonderful on my feet. I will probably be putting the brakes on personal sock knitting for a bit. The next pair of socks to make are for my husband, and my son saw me weaving in these ends and asked if they were for him. I might be able to eek out a pair of toddler socks from the leftovers, we’ll see.


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Not a Pumpkin Head

Sep 10

I am pretty excited to feel the ever so slight chill in the air in the mornings. I have a drawer full of handknit socks ready to go and several hats that I can’t wait to put back in to service. It does seem a bit early to me though that everywhere you turn there is pumpkin flavored everything. I am not a fan of the pumpkin flavor – maybe the occasional beer – and I do not seek it out. I’ll stick with crisp, in-season apples and cider!

nutmegknitter's works in progress

My current WIPs are hats – one for me for the eat.sleep.knit Yarnathon Q3 challenge (orange), one for PatPatsHats (teal), and one for my husband for Loopy Academy (green-brown). So far, as you can see I have the brims for the first two. Though the yarn, Juniper Moon Farm Yearling, may be orange-ish, the color is Chile Pepper. The pattern is the Sunflower Tam and I am hoping when it is done I won’t look like a pumpkin head wearing it. I am lazily shopping for a new winter coat, my current one is black and I don’t want to be too Halloweeny. The Barley hat has been on my mind for a long while. I have several skeins of yarn in stash that I think could work really well with this pattern, so this first one is done in an acrylic as a chemo cap to see how I like it and how I do on gauge. I have only popped the yarn for Dan’s Dembow hat, into a project bag (it’s a Stitched by JessaLu Princess Bride / As You Wish box bag!) but I expect to cast that on by the weekend.

nutmegknitter's socks in progress

Finally I have turned the heels on my Wonderfully Super socks. These socks are my go-to project to keep on hand for when the kids are playing outside, we are waiting for the bus or for those few minutes before I pick up my son from preschool. On loan from the library and currently what I’m reading are Michael Pollan’s newest Cooked and The Girls. So far I am finding Cooked really interesting, but there is an air of something I can’t quite put my finger on that makes me not like the book. It’s still early on and I will keep going with it. Reading Pollan always gives a lot of food for thought, pun intended. The Girls I am sort of meh about. Not loving it, not hating it, and the story of conjoined twins is interesting.



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Aug 20


It’s Wednesday – halfway in the week, halfway between Nate’s birthday and his party. Dinosaurs, of course.


I’ve made decent progress on my projects but you can’t really see a difference. 50 rows done on Nate’s blanket and I’m ready to start the heels on my super socks.  I’ve just received the yarn for a new sample knit (in a medical supply box, recycling is fun), and I’m continuing to knit away on the other sample knit. I’ve also been weaving on the Zoom Loom! I have a Chameleon Critter Kit from the Woolery and am making it as part of the Zoom Along in August in their Ravelry group. The squares do not take long to make, I just need to devote more time to it. The yarn is Mountain Colors and it is a lot of fun to see how the colors mix when you weave with the yarn!

I finished devoured the rest of 11/22/63 in two power sessions of reading. I had to find out what happened! When I think of Stephen King books I think of good stories but wishy-washy endings. Not always of course, but frequently I have felt let down because it’s like he gave up on it. Not the case with this one. I was satisfied with the ending. I would highly recommend this book, it was fantastic, interesting, full of twists that I didn’t see coming, and had chilling moments that kept me thinking about it long afterwards. Now I feel a bit let down about what to read next. I am a bit shy of being halfway through a Jodi Picoult book (Picture Perfect), but I half-heartedly started it before we went away, and I feel like I’m only half-heartedly reading it because it’s here. I have two other books out from the library as other possible “next-reads”: Now & Then and The Girls  but they were just random books I picked up.


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5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile

May 13

5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile
Write a dating profile for one of your past finished projects.

Introduction: I’m Soli! Originally from outside Washington, D.C., I was a souvenir yarn purchase. The Neighborhood Fiber Company dyed me up in the Thomas Circle colorway on their Watershed base. This was a good match for testing a sock pattern that was created as a fundraiser for building wells and sanitation facilities in Africa.

Status: I’ve been a HO since March, 2009. I’m looking for a mate.

Background: I’m 70% Merino and 30% plant fiber / seacell. I am among the last of the Watershed clan, as it is a discontinued base.

Interests: I like pedicured toes, good causes, and interesting stitch patterns. Indie designers and dyers are incredible people.

Dislikes: Uncomfortable shoes, flip flops.

The Future: As summer approaches, I’m hesitant to keep on looking for a sock mate. I’m totally willing to reinvent myself – maybe a shawl or cowl? It might be exciting to be a stuffed monster toy even!

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