Three on Thursday: Yarnathon 2018

Jan 11

The eat.sleep.knit Yarnathon has reset for 2018 with an Under the Sea theme! If you haven’t participated before you can jump in anytime. I love playing along with the challenges throughout the year. The creativity and hard work that is involved behind the scenes is incredible.

Team Dolphiknot

I’ve been a Stitchosaur, a Fleecy Fox, a Whalien, and a Cocoa Cub before being assigned to the Dolphiknot pod.


Throughout the year there are knit-alongs and projects to work on to complete to earn yardage and badges. The first KAL is to knit a Tin Can Knits pattern. My plan is to knit a Bonny using Madelinetosh Prairie in Nassau Blue. The yarn photographed more blue than the greeny-teal it is.

Under the Sea Yarn

Along with the theme, there are exclusive colorways. I welcomed a skein of Single Silky Targhee in Sea Witch to the stash with the intention of knitting a Captiva wrap.

Do you play in the Yarnathon?




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Meet Lincoln

Apr 26

Another unintentional blog break. Let’s just pick up and continue on, ok? In the time since I last posted things have been quite busy. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that we adopted a retired racing greyhound! Meet Lincoln!


He has been with us for 7 weeks now, following a career spent racing (and winning) in Florida. He’s five years old, very sweet and well-behaved, quiet, and calm. Lincoln seems quite content to shift into being a pet. We have all adjusted rather nicely I think.

Part of our adjustment was getting used to each other’s sleep schedule. He’s a very early riser. Lincoln is also a true representative of the stereotype that greyhounds are 45-mile-per-hour couch potatoes. For an athlete, he’s content to sleep and snuggle in on his bed or the couch. He will go for walks but doesn’t miss them when we don’t go on rainy days. We had 2 weeks of very early mornings, so I took advantage of the quiet time to indulge in reading. Recently I finished The Princess Diarist, Never Let You Go, A Dog’s Purpose, and Comet’s Tale. They were all good reads!

Nutmegknitter's Solaris WIP and yarn along books

What I am not reading is shown here. I can’t remember having to read 1984 in high school. When I saw it at the library I thought, well why not. Sirius is a book I picked up and put down so many times I finally checked it out. I haven’t started either and I flipped through a few pages of each today. These books will be going back to the library and I hope to find something else. Yarn-wise I have worked on several sample knits and my Solaris shawl for the EatSleepKnit yarnathon. It’s moving along, but not as fast as I would like because I keep getting distracted.

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Fresh FO My Moonshine Molly

Feb 06

Molly hat

Another week, another hat! I actually finished this hat last week and wove in the ends over the weekend. This week the weather has been snowy and cold, giving me ample opportunity to work this hat into the handknit rotation (along with a good number of other handknits as documented on Instagram!). I used the Molly pattern, slightly modified to be more beanie-like. I think I did fourteen repeats? The pattern might read a bit confusing (it’s not if you take it one step at a time), and I found Melsa29’s project notes to be helpful.  This hat is huge, in a good way – it fits over my hair and hair clips without looking too weird with the bumps underneath. The yarn I used is Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine in the June Bug colorway, a sort of greeny-teal. I am really pleased with this project – the depth of color, with a little bit of shine (there’s silk in the yarn, along with wool and alpaca), and it’s comfortable. This project also counts for my Headgear KAL for the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon and I was able to pick up a few new badges, so all around it’s a win.

My favorite picture of me in the hat is this outtake – my son was being silly taking selfies with me and then Jackson popped in too.

Molly hat with friends

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2015 Yarnathon

Jan 08

Last year was my first year to participate in the eat.sleep.knit Yarnathon. I was a proud member of the winning Stitchosaur Team! I didn’t complete the yarnathon in my purchases but my stash was nicely enhanced, I participated in weekly trivia and a challenge or KAL each quarter, and had a fun time. I was curious to see what would be involved in the 2015 Yarnathon and HOLY COW it seems incredible! There are new teams, year-long KALs, trivia, and a Booster Club – with merit badges. I’m so in! I’m happy to join the Fleecy Foxes:

Fleecy FoxesA few initial thoughts on the KALs:

  • Colorwork: Color Infusion (yarn ordered)
  • Headgear: TBD
  • Shawls: TBD
  • Hitofude Cardigan: Yes, I have Mrs.Crosby Satchel in Hollywood Cerise I stashed last year and a magenty-pink cardi could be fun!
  • No Sleeves: Merewether (yarn ordered – kudos to the ESK team – they noticed that the yarn I ordered was from 2 dye lots. Should be ok to alternate and get another badge, so I’m ok with it. Just impressed they noticed and took the time to check with me!)
  • Mitered Squares: (meh, not really feeling this one today. need to think it over)
  • Socks: TBD
  • New to You: TBD
  • Sweater Free For All: TBD
  • Selfless Knits: TBD
  • Felting: (meh on this one too. My washer is not all that great for felting.)
  • Chunky Knits: TBD

I’m not worried about figuring out the TBDs. My queue is large and I hope to use some of the previously stashed yarn in combination with the Love Your Library KAL!

Badges – I already requested and received Social Stalker and Queue Anonymous!

 Social Stalker Queue Anonymous

 Are you participating in the yarnathon? I’m more of a lurker in the Ravelry group, so if you’re interested to follow my progress: here’s my bloglovin link and my facebook page!

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