Do a Good Turn

Aug 17

I was called to Jury Duty this week. My second reaction after the initial one of being summoned was one of absolute disappointment.

No Knitting Needles for Jury Duty

I wonder what happened, with which knitter, that made the court specifically make note of this in the pamphlet. And do I know this knitter? In a moment like this, I am really glad I have learned to crochet. I was able to bring in my crochet hooks and chibi of needles, no problem. I didn’t bother with scissors or a lot of extra notions.

Manos del Uruguay Serpentina tag

Initially, I wanted to make hats, but I’m finding I still need to reference the counts on even the simple baby patterns. I wanted a pattern that I could feel confident and comfortable working on, but could easily pick up and put down if needed. A new addition to my stash was a skein of Manos del Uruguay Serpentina, a deliciously squishy handspun hand painted Aran yarn.

One good turn cowl in Manos del Uruguay Serpentina

This is the Mother Teresa colorway and the One Good Turn pattern (it’s a freebie!). I started after our first break and had just woven in the ends when my name was called. Mine is a bit wider than the pattern due to a different gauge. I worked each row until I had maybe eighteen inches of yarn left, just enough for seaming the ends. Less than two hours of work for a scarf! The yarn is really fun with the pops of color, has a lovely hand, and is just so so soft.

Modeled shot

In the end, I was dismissed and I have a new cowl.

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