Little Dude Sweater

Dec 27

Big plans

At the end of the summer, I had a grand plan to knit sweaters for my nieces, nephew, and kids. This post is all about the Little Dude sweater knit for my nephew.  My nephew lives in Thailand but has been visiting for Christmas so yes, knitting a wool sweater was absolutely a good idea. The weather is so cold, especially since they arrived.

The Little Dude Sweater in Progress

First sleeve of the Little Dude Sweater

The Little Dude sweater is absolute magic. I jumped in, without swatching, to make the 1-2 year size. From the get-go, there were several instances for me of “Just trust the pattern”. That cast-on with waste yarn that you later remove leaving no live stitches but a nice stretchy ribbed cuff?

I steeked! I’m a steeker!

My first steek

This was my first time to steek a sweater. I found that watching a Very Pink Knits tutorial video and reading the Tin Can Knits blog post about steeking gave me the confidence to take the scissors to the fabric.  Deep breath, snip, snip, snip. It worked!

Finished Little Dude sweater!

I steam blocked the sweater. I was concerned with the colorwork on the sleeves was a bit snug. That did relax a bit with the steam, but I was still a little worried for the fit. Perfect buttons were found at Madison Wool!


D in his sweater!

The sweater fits and he has worn it a lot on this trip! It is so cozy and warm, I don’t exactly want to make a Dude sweater for myself, but I am now open to the idea of a colorwork, steeked sweater for me. Of the 5 intended sweaters, 3 were finished, 1 is still in progress and 1 is still a question mark of what to make. The WIP and unknown are for my kids, so it’s ok.

Me & the little dude


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