The 2nd Red Cowl and it’s Mine!

Feb 27

Last week I posted about the first red cowl for my son. I have another red cowl finished and it’s for me!

Yarn Clubs

Yarn clubs can be a tricky thing. In my time I have joined a few here and there over the years. Some I really enjoyed, others were just ok, and I’m pretty sure most of the yarn from those clubs is still sitting in the stash. I signed myself up for the 2017 Legacy Yarn Club from Mountain Meadow Wool, and have already used the yarn in a completed project! Their yarn is not carried in the shops near me, so my main motivation to sign up was to experience more of their yarns.

MMW Legacy Yarn Club

I knew a bit of the MMW story from several years ago when I knit a sample for them in Powder River and now I do work with them as part my work with Stitchcraft Marketing. (Full disclosure – my yarn club subscription is my own purchase and I don’t have any part of putting the club together!) I like their efforts to be environmentally responsible and how they work to help sustain the American wool industry.

The first shipment of the Legacy Yarn Club really impressed me. The packaging and presentation were sharp too, this yarn wasn’t just sealed up in a mailer. Two skeins of MM Tweed Pumice, in Russet and Natural, two patterns, information about MMW and the ranchers, a coupon code, and chocolate for good measure.

Nutmegknitter's Bandito Cowl in MM Tweed Pumice

I liked both of the patterns but decided to go rogue with a pioneering spirit and crocheted the Bandito Cowl. It was a perfect choice for one skein of the MM Tweed Pumice! It’s a free pattern too! This style of a cowl with a bit of bib in the front makes for a great layering piece that stays in place. At the neck, the cowl is roomy but not floppy. I made mine slightly longer than in the pattern before joining in the round, as I have a big head.

I don’t have plans for the Natural skein that came with this shipment. It’s still sitting on my desk and I do enjoy giving it a good squeeze! I’m looking forward to the future shipments! They do still have sign ups for the shorter club subscriptions, you should check it out!


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The first red cowl

Feb 23

My last post was about the pink and red, and February continues to be a month full of red yarn! My son doesn’t like to zip up his coat all the way, so I made him a neck warmer to keep the winter chill off his neck. A quick dive into the yarn stash brought up leftover Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Cummerbund. Reds and oranges, deemed to be “dragon colors” by the boy. It was just the right amount of yarn to make the Mallard pattern.

Mallard cowl

I wasn’t too sure by the pattern instructions on how to put the triangles together, so I made my best guess and it seemed to work out.

Mallard cowl modeled Mallard cowl modeled

Nate was appreciative of the finished object and I am pleased with the way it came out. Has he worn it? No. Stinker. Cute, but still a stinker. Oh well. I will tuck it in with the other hats and mitts until he discovers it on his own.

A Thanks Mom picture

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FO Friday Bring on the Pinks and Reds

Jan 27

First the Pinks

Drifter in MMW Sheridan 

I’ve worked my way few a number of projects. I made two hats for the Women’s March and handed them off to my LYS before I snapped any pictures. More will be made, so I’ll get them next time. I finished a different pink hat using the Drifter pattern and a skein of pink Mountain Meadow Wool Sheridan. I opted to not do a pom on top and instead used the leftovers (#MakeWIPsNotWaste) to crochet a quick little amigurumi for my desk. I used the Little Sweet Hearts pattern, but I think my interpretation of the directions for the heart topper went a bit off track. It’s all good, it’s cute.

Then the Reds


I had stashed Madelinetosh Chunky in Cherry (two different lots) from a grab bag sale a while back. After a few false starts on other projects, I knit it up into the Bittersweet cowl. I love this project! It’s just right under my jacket or sweatshirt and doesn’t feel bulky or heavy. The cowl took a little more than one skein, so I looked to make a hat to match – finally. My handknit hats and cowls are mostly in similar color families so they go together, but it’s a happy accident. I liked the cables in the Josie hat and it was a fun knit. The end result was a hat that was slightly too small for my head (but did fit) and slightly too large for my kids (but did fit). I ended up donating it to the Women’s March as well.

And One More with All the Pinks

I am a big fan of Mamachee’s crochet patterns and the Busy Bitch shawl just made me smile. Combine it with a skein of Dream in Color Classy in Hot Pants, and… well, it made me smile even more. It’s finished, but it doesn’t quite sit right they way I think it should. All’s well, though, my daughter likes it and has claimed it.





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A Bunny FO

Jan 20

Finished Object Friday!

I finally can share a little baby gift I crocheted!

Nutmegknitter's Bunny Rag Doll

This little bunny has been finished for a while, but I had to wait for the new little guy (my nephew) to arrive. Then I had to be patient with the mail service to deliver his first piece of mail! I used Juniper Moon Farm’s Neve cotton, which is becoming my go-to when I want to use a cotton.


A boy and his bunny. His dad, my baby brother, continues to be referred to as “the bunny”, so it was an obvious choice for me to make this particular project!

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January 18 Yarn Along and A Hexagon

Jan 18

Persian Dreams start in Manos del Uruguay Alegria

I love unexpected rainbows! I’ve decided to try a project that may or may not end up being a year-long project. One of the KALs for the Eat.Sleep.Knit yarnathon is the Persian Dreams blanket. I think it is a beautiful pattern, but I really don’t know if I have it in me to make the whole whopping blanket. There is a badge you can earn by knitting 2 hexagons so I figure that I can knit the two pieces, give the pattern a try to see if I like it, and then go from there.

Funny shaped hexagon in progress

My first hexagon has 28 rounds completed, 27 more to go. The Manos del Uruguay Alegria, in Locura Fluo, is beyond bright and cheery. The colors change quickly and that really keeps my attention. Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Natural is the background. The cast on was a bit wonky and loose that I hope I can flatten out with blocking, see my little volcano-hexagon? The start was sort-of like magic loop, but the stitches stay on the hook, then I moved to dpns. DPNs were a bit too fidgety for me, so I switched to magic loop. So far, so good. It makes me think of those square quotable cards and also reminds me of the cover of one of the books I’m reading this week.

Currently reading Carry On, Warrior and Don't You Cry

I’m a few chapters in  Carry On, Warrior. Enjoyable, as much as it can be to read about someone’s struggle with alcohol, drugs, and bulimia. Don’t You Cry is due back to the library at the end of the week, so I’m pushing through that. That is a tense one, a bit confusing in the beginning to sort the timelines of the narrators in my head, and I am really curious to see where this story ends up. The Count of Monte Cristo continues on as I listen through Craft Lit.

See you back here on Friday! I have a few FOs to share!


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Yarn Along January 11 and WIPs

Jan 11

Nutmegknitter reading and WIPs Jan 11What I’m Reading

I have noticed that my reading comes in spurts, mostly in the winter and summer. My Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge is set a bit higher for the coming year. I’ve already finished one book, I Let You Go, and have moved on to  And Every Morning the Way Home is Longer and Longer.   Currently, I’m listening to the Count of Monte Cristo on Craft Lit and really loving it. When I was in high school I hated being quizzed and tested on the finer subtleties of books and the author meanings. Craft Lit is great as it breaks down the book, fills you in historical references and definitions, makes connections to other events and people, but in no way makes you feel like you have missed something. I am really enjoying listening to a few chapters at night while I’m knitting.

What I’m Knitting

Startitis is beginning with the start of the new year. I should be tackling a few of my unfinished, long-hibernating projects, but these called to me first. This week I finished a Fresa cowl, started a Drifter hat, and a Gryffindor House Scarf. My daughter has gotten into the Harry Potter series and wants to be Hermoine for Halloween. That calls for a scarf at the very least, right? I have the yarn to make house scarves for my husband and me, but we’re not Gryffindor – just the kids. Take a guess which other houses for which I’ll be knitting? I hope to be back to post for FO Friday!


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The last of 2016 and Looking ahead

Jan 10

Goodbye, 2016. Hello, 2017!

I love the idea of starting new. New school year, new calendar year, new project, new office supplies, new planners, it doesn’t really matter. Nothing (or very little) has gone wrong and the hope and optimism are exciting. Before I get to 2017, I have to wrap up a few loose ends from last year.

Nutmegknitter's Bobble Scarf

My last official FO was a Nora Bobbles Scarf. I knit this as part of the Junior year assignment for the Loopy Ewe Loopy Academy. I still don’t like working bobbles, but this pattern was enjoyable and turned into auto-pilot knitting. The yarn, Dream in Color Jilly with Cashmere, has such a great range of tonal blues that I adore and it blocked beautifully. It also grew, so this scarf is long enough to wrap around my neck a few times. I didn’t complete all the assignments for Loopy Academy this semester. I am going to take a break from the Academy for a bit and maybe next year I will return.


Nutmegknitter His or Her Scarf sample

The first item bound off and blocked this year was a His or Her Scarf sample knit for June Cashmere. This was a fun one! Three skeins of the DK in Sleigh Bell were used and I will admit, I was a bit sad to send this one off. Lucky for me, I now have some of my own.

Intentions & Resolutions

What am I planning for this year? I have been mulling over what to do, focus on, and change and I really like how it was worded in a Ravelry group, so I’m using it here.

  • Lose Weight: My stash is overwhelming. I can only knit or crochet so fast before I get distracted by the next new thing. I’ll be a “moderate merino” as best I can (“cold sheep”, meaning to buy NO new yarn or fiber is a bit too extreme. I know myself.)
  • Exercise More: I’ll be participating in the Eat.Sleep.Knit Yarnathon again! I’ve already pulled out yarn from my stash to participate in the Q1 KAL, and for several of the badges!
  • Learn Something New: Brioche has been on my mental to-learn list for at least a year. I also want to fix the needle on my sewing machine and see if I can learn a few tricks on that.
  • Create a new habit: My blogging has taken a back seat this year. I miss it. I liked the weekly posting with Yarn Along and FO Friday. I’m a joiner, what weekly round-ups am I missing?
  • Unplug: I’m online for a huge portion of my day. Even when I’m not working, I’m still online and plugged in. That takes away from my yarn time! When I’m knitting I should not stop mid row to check Facebook.

Cheers to a good year! Mug by Emily McDowell.

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