Rhinebeck 2016

Oct 19

When it comes to writing about Rhinebeck, I often have trouble finding the right words. Next to a traditional New England Thanksgiving, this is the epitome of fall in the northeast. It is an experience and there is a lot to take in, even when your attendance is a yearly event!
Rhinebeck Trees

My Rhinebeck Sweater

Two weeks before Rhinebeck I spotted the Vindur pattern and thought it would be great as a Rhinebeck sweater. I decided to use Good Karma Yarn (previously earned for a sample knitting job), held doubled. I completed the sweater in time, but it was too small, oops. This sweater has a unique construction, and I didn’t consider how I could / should make modifications. My mind is still open to making it (with modifications). I was pretty pleased to run into Laura Nelkin and talk with her about what I could do to make it work for me next time.


Nutmegknitter's Vindur  

Rhinebeck Goodies 2016

I had a list with me to target my Rhinebeck shopping. I hit most of the items on my list, found a few other impulse purchases, and decided to indulge in a sweater quantity as well.

Rhinebeck Purchases

People Watching

The other to-do on my list was to find Stephen West, on behalf of the person who wears the swants in the family (my husband), I was tasked with getting a picture.  Lucky me, I spotted him on Saturday morning! I was snacking on a pretzel and trying to dig my phone out of the bag and fumbled my way through an introduction and picture request. Stephen was very kind and accommodating!

Nutmegknitter & Stephen West

I also interrupted (politely , I hope!) a few conversations so that I could go say hello & express my admiration to Meghan, of the Stockinette Zombies podcast, and Erin, of EatSleepKnit. I also brushed elbows with Ric Ocasek of the Cars! Friends told me his wife is a knitter! It’s all good as Rhinebeck it’s the sort of place where you have an easy way to talk to everyone; just talk about the yarn they are wearing or buying! Maybe you saw the knitting group I was with on Saturday? It was nice to catch up with them – I haven’t been out to the knit night in a long while.



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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time.
    OMG — those hats are just amazing. I want one!
    Isn’t Laura Nelkin nice? I met her at Vogue Live Chicago a few years ago.

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