Sample Knitting: Atwood Shawl Edition

Aug 22

How’s your summer going? We’re looking at the last few weeks of it here and I am pleased to report that I do have quite a bit to show and share! Next time you’re at a fiber show, keep an eye out for my last sample knitting project, an Atwood Shawl in Bijou Basin Ranch!

Atwood Shawl Hanging photo

Back in June, I received a beautiful cake of Tibetan Dream yarn. The color in the center of the cake was almost daffodil yellow, shifting to a subtle green, then sky blue. If you look on the BBR website, it’s closest to the Cote D’Azur colorway. At one point when I was knitting, my son spotted it from the backseat of the car and asked if I was knitting a flower!

IMG_4803 (Edited)

I made the smallest size from one cake, with a bit of yarn leftover; no yarn chicken here. If I were to make this again, and I would consider it, I would make the larger size. The small size, while still 35″ wide and about 16-17″ deep, left me wanting more. It would be fine to tuck in around your neck with a coat, or under a vest, but with a yarn this lovely, bigger is better. It’s a beautiful yarn, the gradient is amazing and trust me, it’s enjoyable to knit with. I’d put this on my personal “look for” list for Rhinebeck! I did edit the photo above to get a brighter yellow, my camera kept toning it down.

Jackson and my photo set up

Speaking of taking pictures, here’s a behind-the-scenes peek of my layout. I love the light that comes into the sunporch, but the carpet is less than ideal as a background. Foam-core to the rescue! Until Jackson wanders in and expects treats for posing with the handknit. I suppose I have trained him over time for this sort of thing. He’s good, he doesn’t go on the knit item but does get close.

Jackson posing

Dog does know how to pose.

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  1. Perfect match of yarn and pattern. I love it when that happens!

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