Sock Bug Bites Again

Jan 31

Sock Bug Bites Again

I finished a pair of socks last weekend and immediately wanted to cast on another pair! Rarely do I make socks for anyone other than myself. My husband has proven to be sock-worthy and I made two pairs of socks for my daughter, which she has outgrown. So I’ve let myself be distracted from my other projects to work on making socks for my little family.

What’s in the bags?

What's in the project bags?

My husband’s socks are in the Stitched by JessaLu Princess Bride bag. The pattern is Business Casual, in Mrs. Crosby Squid Ink, picked out by himself at Webs on our trip to Montreal (ages ago). These have been hibernating for too long and it’s time to get them done! For my daughter, I’ve pulled out Neon Now from Plymouth Yarn, from a previous pair of socks I tried to make for her, and those aren’t cast on yet. Everything is ready in the Ninja Bunny Knitty bag. Socks for my son are in the Wild Things bag from Little Skein. I have no idea what the yarn is. I found it in the stash, next to a partially completed sock that was hibernating, no tags, and I didn’t enter it in Ravelry. Breamish is the pattern I’m using for the kids’ socks.

What am I reading?

I’m still reading Radium Girls. It is fascinating, especially considering what the workplace and healthcare laws are like today. The company flat out lied and misled the women and their families.


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  1. Yeah socks! I’ve made the Business Casual in some Ball and Skein Sophia…I love them! Been thinking about making another pair…

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