Three on Thursday Dark Side

Jan 17

We have pretty devoted Star Wars fans in my house. My husband and I grew up watching Episodes IV, V, and VI. Our kids know the characters and are watching the movies. Lorelai was even Rey for Halloween, complete with a BB8! Here are my loosely-related three on Thursday, as I’ve been thinking about the Dark Side lately.

1. My new shirt!

Darth Vader walking his AT-AT as you do. Lincoln is a bit like an AT-AT, especially when he stands over you.

2. Bringing a new knitter to the Dark Side:

My son wanted to learn how to knit last week. Now he’s promising scarves and sweaters to all his stuffed animals and wants to know if there are other colors of yarn he can use.

3. Fabric

A fabric store moved into town. This is a dangerous temptation for me! I bought fabric from them last summer for a piecing project (the Out in Nature Stitching Club from Wild Olive) and promptly stalled on it. Now that they are closer I am getting the itch to stitch! I did actually start the project, see:

This is one of my Make Nine 2018. Pulling it out for a picture will certainly enable me to stitch a few more of the pieces.

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