WIP Wednesday An Elf and Distractions

Dec 10


My daughter was given The Best Christmas Pageant Ever for her birthday and I picked it up last weekend to re-read it. I know I read it a long time ago. The book itself is only 96 pages and I quickly made it through the first few chapters. Our Elf on the Shelf even picked it up for an overnight read. Sadly I forgot to grab a picture and now the Elf is on a different shelf and I don’t want to risk any loss of elf magic by touching him. You understand.  My current projects include two that for now need to stay off camera. I spotted a cute KAL in the Spud & Chloe Ravelry group to make the Tiny Elf. You can’t go wrong with a free pattern, and I have the colors thanks to my daughter’s blanket, which I haven’t touched since last time. I am plotting a few photos that I think will be fun, elf mischief is hard to resist. I’m using dpns on this project and to my surprise I’m noticing that my wrists hurt after working with them! I’m trying to break up my time on this project, as well as stretching my wrists before and after.

I have also been distracted by a few charity knitting / crochet projects. PatPats Hats has put out the call for tiger themed hats in honor of an 8-year old girl who is back in the hospital fighting a new fight. I went to school with her mom, though I didn’t know her very well. My heart just hurts for sick kids.

2014NICUchallenfe Little Hats Big Hearts Logo

My other distraction is the 2014 NICU Christmas Challenge. The goal here is to make at least 12 hats for the 12 days of Christmas for a NICU. I need to get a move on on hats for the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign; I’ll be making my hats in red to contribute there.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!!

  2. Oh wow! What amazing charity projects! I seriously love that elf. This is our first year of elf on the shelf at our house, so your post cracked me up! 😀

  3. Adorable elf! My twins just read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

  4. I reread The Best Christmas Pageant last year aloud to my husband on a long drive and ended up sobbing my way through parts of it since we know several children who are so like hurting ones described in the book! I had no idea it was going to impact me so deeply when I picked it up since the last time I’d read it was in childhood.
    Darling little elf!

  5. Just took my two boys to see the play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Super cute!

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